Ayala Kalisher, CMT

Inspired by watching her stepmother utilize massage to provide relief for patients with chronic pain Ayala opened her first massage practice, ‘Roadrunner Massage’, when she was 10 years old. When she was 17 she committed to the art of massage enrolling in the Davis Massage Therapy Institute. Since then, she has been developing a practice that offers healing and pain relief.

As body worker and a dancer Ayala is in awe of the human body and all that it does for us every day, without our even thinking about it. It gives her great joy to assist this incredible process in any way she can.

Ayala has worked extensively with athletes, recovering from sports related injuries and those seeking improvement in overall performance.She also specializes in releasing lower back pain by using a combination of techniques that includes psoas release work and the Rossiter System.

Drawing from multiple techniques (deep tissue, sports massage, stretching, Muscle Energy Technique, Swedish, Rossiter, and more) Ayala will create the perfect massage for you. She tailors each session to the individual body’s needs using a deep, thorough and intuitive style.

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