Massage Styles

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage: Strong area specific massage with client feedback as opposed to passive relaxation massage. It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation. Sports massage is specifically intended to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Swedish Massage: This is the most common style of massage for general relaxation and to assist the body in healing. It helps increase circulation and alleviates stress and stiffness in the body.

Muscle Energy Technique: Muscle energy is a direct, assisted stretching therapy used to normalize joint dysfunction and increase range of motion.

Prenatal Massage: Nurturing for the mother-to-be, this work relieves the physical stress of her changing body and hormones and provides a meditative space in which to attune with her child. This can be deep or light, depending on the need and preference. When the mother-to-be ahs progressed to where laying on her back is uncomfortable it is done lying on her side supported with pillows.

Senior Massage: Massage for the elderly offers gentle caring touch in a safe and comfortable environment which leads to improved overall physical and emotional health. Benefits can include pain relief, increased joint mobility, improved circulation, stress reduction, and constipation relief.

Guided Imagery: Also known as visualization, guided imagery is a relaxation system utilizing imagination and thoughts to improve one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. The participant can take hold of imagery, symbols, and deep feelings to stimulate the body’s immune system, fight disease, and improve overall health. Many seriously ill patients use this technique to imagine the destruction of their disease and/or disorder. You can request that guided imagery be incorporated at the beginning or end of your massage session to deepen your relaxation and healing.

The Rossiter System® is a natural and effective way to address many types of physical pain including:

– Stiff or painful knees.
– Low back pain and sciatica
– Stiff necks.
– Sore shoulders.
– Achy feet.
– Hip pain.
– Arm, wrist and elbow pain.
– Carpal tunnel syndrome.
– Elbow tendonitis.

The Rossiter System relieves and prevents pain because it directly tackles the causes of pain. Tightness, pain, throbbing, aching and limited movement in muscles and joints occur because surrounding connective tissue has shortened and tightened from overuse and repetition. Unlike muscle stretches, The Rossiter techniques target the body’s connective tissue, a head-to-toe network of fascia, ligaments, and tendons that holds everything together. When connective tissue becomes overworked, stressed or tired, it shortens and it tightens. This lack of space is evident in pain, stiffness and an inability of the body to move easily. The resulting symptoms include tingling, tightness, numbness, knots, pain, soreness, tenderness, buzzing sensations and the like.

The Rossiter System’s stretching techniques loosen entire areas of connective tissue and restore mobility and circulation. The result — effective pain relief and free movement.

These facilitated stretches will help you regain the mobility you’ve lost AND keep you out of
pain for the rest of your life. And in these times of limited health care and health insuranc cutbacks, The Rossiter System makes sense as a proven, alternative, home-remedy approach that saves you time, money and expensive (and often futile) trips to the doctor or physical therapist.

In The Rossiter System, YOU become the expert because you already know your body better than anybody else.

You can book your 20-30 minute Rossiter sessions either on its own or in combination with a massage!

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