Massage Testimonials

Ayala Wellness Nevada City Massage TherapyTo see more reviews or to leave one yourself see my Yelp page.

“Ayala’s touch is intuitive and precise. I’ve worked with lower spine compression and scar tissue around my knees for years and she treats it better than anyone else I’ve been exposed to. Which is saying quite a bit as I’ve been to several chiropractors & acupuncturists, from the MidWest to California.” -Ian Body (Massage Therapist)

“Ayala is an exceptional massage therapist. Because I am an athlete, I rely on massage to aid my muscle recovery and improve my performance. During the year that Ayala was my massage therapist, I noticed a marked difference in the speed of my recovery and my ability to go harder and last longer. I attribute a lot of that to the sports massage and deep tissue work that Ayala did. In addition, Ayala helped me work through some recurring injuries and was very focused on understanding what methods and styles work best for me. She completely tailored her approach to my body and my level of activity.” -Sarah Castle (Competitive athlete)

“Along with other reviewers of massage businesses and masseuses, I reluctantly write this review because popular Yelp massage places are so hard to book within the same week. All that being said, I want to see those that are dedicated to their craft do well financially. So, here it goes…

I had taken a day off just to unwind, and was pounding down the list of highly rated Yelp establishments, striking out on getting a same-day bookings at several places. Fortunately, there was an opening here at Uncoil, so I quickly called in and booked it online as well. I gotta say, that was the best (luckiest?) choice I’ve made in a while.

My masseuse for that session was Ayala, and I gotta say it’s been one of the best massages I’ve had in a *very* long time. The first-time patient form includes a line that asks if you’ve had massage before, what did you like and what didn’t you like from past experiences. Ayala really took the information I had provided in that form and put it to good use. I’m a frequent massage goer, but it’s infrequent that I come out of a session feeling like well-rolled Kobe beef–i.e. I was so in mush-land that by the end of a 90-minute session, I could barely think. Yeah…. it was that good. For me, that’s the perfect massage.

Ayala is warm, friendly, professional, and courteous. I tend to be a talker, so if I connect with a masseuse, repeat sessions end up being a lot of catch-up and chatter, but that loses the focus on the massage experience. Ayala made sure that any verbal exchange was focused on improving the experience, and not in social dialogue–which I HIGHLY appreciate given my own tendencies. In that one session, she just won a regular. Thanks, Ayala! See you next time!” -Harris U