How to Get the Most From Your Massage

Things to Note for an In-Home Massage:
In order for me to come give you a massage in the comfort of your home you must have space for me to set up my massage table and move comfortably around it on all sides. My massage table is roughly 7ft by 3 ft. A minimum of 9ft by 6 feet is what is needed for me to work comfortably.

If you want music during your massage please choose something you find relaxing and have a way to play it set up in the room. Everyone’s idea of relaxing music is different. This is your time to have exactly what you want! If you do not have a way to play music please let me know before our session and I will bring a portable speaker.

Before the Session Begins:
Please be showered and preferably do not eat for at least 30 minutes before our time together. It is always a good idea to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your massage. Before your session remove all jewelry. Let me know the specific areas of your body that need special care or attention and about any health issues in your life. Please print and fill out the intake paperwork before you our time together.

During the Massage:
Breathe deeply. Deep and even breathing reduces stress, improves circulation and aids a deeper state of relaxation. Communicate what you need. You know your body best. Let me know if the pressure of the touch is too much or too little, or anything else you need for comfort during your session (volume of music, heat, lighting, etc.)

After the Massage:
It is important to drink plenty of water in the hours and days following your massage. This will help flush out any toxins the massage releases and prevent you from being sore the next day. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best things you can do to improve your health every day.